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I’m Ariel Salminen, Chief Design Officer at Nordhealth. I’ve worked in the web industry for two decades and on design systems for the past 8+ years. Previously, I lead the team of designers and developers working on Duet Design System and helped various companies such as Amazon, Ericsson, IBM and Hewlett Packard in San Francisco, CA.

Contact me for work inquiries or just to say hello: me@arie.ls

I’m also an active open source contributor and an author of various popular open source tools. I like cycling, composing music, and great typography. Not necessarily in that order.

During the past years I’ve created tools such as Duet Date Picker, Vue Design System, Legibility App, Feature.js, Responsive Nav, Responsive Slides, Tiny Nav, Remote Preview and Molten Leading. These tools are being used by the jQuery Foundation, Microsoft, AT&T, U.S. Government, Pingdom, Engadget, Converse and TED to name a few.

In everything I do, I’m constantly inspired by the music and artworks of the 1950’s and 60’s jazz vinyls. Especially the records that Blue Note Records released during that time are close to my heart. I’ve also been a collector of 12" vinyls for a long time. ❦

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Contact me for work inquiries or just to say hello: me@arie.ls