Where Do
We Belong

I’ve been years watching everyone around me change. Seasons coming and going. People growing roots. Building houses. Giving birth to their babies. Becoming stable parents. And I’ve tried hard to change as well. Become that, understand it. I’ve been through these things, but I feel like I’m still the same scrawny kid full of dreams and restlessness.

Eventually, I’ve started becoming part of everything I’ve seen around the world, if nothing else. And when I’ve travelled forward, a small part of me is always left out there somewhere. On the deserts, mountains, forests, oceans, and the cities around the world. It’s a little bittersweet. It’s the same with people. I ain’t got roots and I don’t know where I belong.

I have this dream where I’m sitting on top of Mt. Tamalpais East Peak gazing over San Francisco city lights across the bay. Warm autumn breeze blowing from the Pacific Ocean. Misty mountains around me, swaying fields in the moonlight, colors of the autumn, and music that fills our souls.

Where do we belong? ❦