I’m happy. I’ve been succesfully running my design studio for the past 8 months and recently moved into a new office space. Since then I’ve been setting up the workspace to suit the way I want to work and create things. This dedicated quiet space gives me the luxury to focus and get much more done than I could get anywhere else before.

While I find myself constantly switching between different working modes like running a design systems workshop, working at client’s premises, or doing a remote meeting with a team in another city, I like having this personal space where I can come back to think and focus. A space for exploration and tinkering.

My workspace is a part of a bigger office, but with a dedicated room and a door. This is what my setup currently looks like (click for bigger photos):

My workspaceWorkspace with lots of wall to draw on

A mini device lab sitting on my desk:

Mini device lab

A tiny design systems book library:

Design Systems book library

I also have dedicated set of things that I take with me to workshops. It includes post-its, stickers, sharpies, and a timer in a small toolbox:

Post-its, stickers, sharpies, and a timer

Finally, I’ve been getting more and more back to photography recently and made a switch to Sony A7R II some time back. Behind the lenses is Loupedeck photo editing console:

Camera, lenses, and editing console

There’re a few things I’d still like to do here:

Firstly, I’d like to switch back to an adjustable desk at some point so that I can work both sitting and standing.

In addition, I’d like to bring here a lounge chair we have in our basement to help me get away from the computer when I run out of answers and need to think instead.

I’ve been also considering bringing a part of my record collection and a turntable with some speakers here, but I might just end up getting a HomePod. We’ll see.

If you have any questions about the setup ping me on Twitter. ❦

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