Relocating to San Francisco, CA

I’m terribly excited to tell that we’re moving to San Francisco Bay Area in the beginning of 2016! I’m joining a new company, Idean, as a Senior Interaction Designer and Iisa will be starting preschool there, which makes this a tremendous change for the whole family. All of this is something we’ve been planning for a while already, so we’re thrilled that it’s finally happening.

As of today, we’ve packed everything we have—from the 12" record collection to Iisa’s toys—into a shipping container and it’s already in the harbor waiting to get shipped to the United States. We’re still staying in Finland for the Christmas, seeing relatives and enjoying some quiet time, before flying to San Francisco in January.

It’s been interesting few years at Adtile, and I’m grateful for all the things I’ve learned, but it’s time to move on towards new adventures.

Looking forward to meeting Karl the Fog. ❦