Helsinki Open Device Lab

If you’ve been building websites during the past two years you must know that the web doesn’t live on a desk anymore. The reality is that we now need to test our work on multiple devices, instead of just few desktop browsers. All this is easier said than done. It's easy when you have a dozen devices laying on the desk in front of you, but what about the rest of us? Devices are expensive and the landscape is ever expanding.

That is the reason why we decided to set up an open device lab to Kisko’s office. ‘Open’ meaning that anyone can pop round, use the devices freely and contribute by lending their old devices to us. The list isn’t very long yet, but it will grow over time. I am also planning to contact few device manufacturers to help us out here.

Joni Korpi and I are leaving our spare devices at the office for testing purposes and we are hoping to see others to contribute too. Kisko Labs is also—in addition to the space—giving four devices for testing purposes. If you’ve got an old mobile device which you aren’t using anymore and it’s just gathering dust, then why not lend it to our lab. The device will of course remain yours all the time, and you can take it back whenever you want.

I will post more info about the project either here or on Twitter once we get everything up and running. I also made a site for the lab which can be found at Shout outs also to Jeremy Keith who started this whole ‘open device lab’ thing in the first place.

How things are looking at the moment:

The Lab The Lab, part 2

Location #

Kisko Labs is located downtown Helsinki, next to Katri Valas park. Our address is Vilhovuorenkatu 11D, 00500 Helsinki, FI. Before coming make sure we’re at the office by sending message to @kiskolabs at least few days beforehand.

Kisko Labs' old location

Current devices #

Device list moved to

Our wish list #

  • Android 3.x device
  • SonyEricsson LT15i Xperia Arc
  • Blackberry 5.x device
  • Blackberry 6.x device