Building A Device Stand

Not so long after the device lab was born I realized that we need a much better way to store and charge all the 40+ devices. There didn’t seem to be any existing solution available which you could just buy, so I started thinking what would be the easiest way to do something like that myself. After some research I ran into this device testing station by 64 Digital and thought it looked like a perfect solution.

The main idea is to provide a dynamic and secure way to store phones, tablets and other devices and make it possible to use them for testing without the need to actually remove them from the stand. Devices are held in place using Velcro tape which is attached both to the back of the phones and the stand. That makes it easy to detach the phones, but it also makes them stick securely to the wall. The whole stand system is done from two 800mm wide racks, and I’m planning to make a third one too so that we have available space to continue expanding our device collection.

The wood materials for both racks cost under 30 euros. The Velcro tape was actually the most expensive part as 25 meters of it cost about 70 euros + shipping. I used two full work days to built these and third to paint them. I guess someone with actual experience might be a lot faster as about half of that time went into trial and error. ❦

See the process below and grab my drawings: #

Stand drawings