Responsive jQuery Slideshow Revisited

I wrote a blog post about making responsive jQuery slideshow on 18 May 2011 (You can read it on Kisko Labs’ blog). Since then much has happened and there’s now quite a lot of options where you could choose from. I did a short summary for this blog post about the options out there right now.

I’m myself using Dynamic carousel plugin by Mat Marquis on the home page, but I made slight changes to how it handles the touch events and dragging. If you want to try it out, head to the home page with either iPhone or iPad and try dragging the text caption under the big headline. Update: I removed the slider from the home page. Mainly because it didn't make so much sense in that context.

I also created a tiny script while developing my own site and despite it being really simple I decided to release it as a plugin. If all you need is fading (with pagination), then it might be what you want to use.